100,000 condoms distributed in Turkana, Kenya

Some 100,000 condoms have been distributed to those living in Turkana, Kenya, in a bid to meet a shortage of the items.

The dispatch was part of the National AIDS/STD Control Programme, which delivered the goods to residents in the county via Populations Services International Kenya, Capital News reports.

Dr Gilchrist Lokoel is the area's central medical officer of health and he oversaw the distribution, which got underway at a public meeting attended by community-based organisations and residents.

The news source explains there has been an "acute shortage of condoms" in the district, with some reports suggesting certain people have been forced to reuse the items.

Dr Lokoel is said to have promoted the use of the prophylactic in a bit to reduce the spread of HIV and AIDS.

This follows news of a shipment of 35 million condoms that arrived in Mombasa recently, with another batch of 40 million set to be delivered to the country in May.