35 million condoms arrive in Kenya

A shipment of some 35 million condoms has arrived in Mombasa, Kenya.

Once it has been unloaded, individuals will be able to get access to the prophylactics, which could help reduce the spread of sexually transmitted infections.

As well as this, there will also be a second batch of nearly 40 million condoms coming in May.

It follows on from a shortage in the country in March, which left large swathes of the population not being able to get their hands on the barrier device.

There are also femidoms contained in the consignment so women who want to take control of the situation will also get the option of doing so.

United Nations Population Fund's deputy representative Dr Stephen Wanyee said her organisation is looking to speed up the distribution process.

In January, some 19 million condoms were brought to the country, but these were all used up in only six weeks.