59% of adults 'embarrassed when buying condoms'

A new survey has revealed 59 per cent of adults get embarrassed when buying condoms.

Durex carried out a survey with Harris Interactive that revealed 70 per cent of adults feel there are barriers to purchasing the contraceptive.

The findings showed that women were more likely to be concerned by what other people think than men.

While less than half (49 per cent) of males said they found the experience embarrassing, 56 per cent of ladies admitted it made them feel uncomfortable.

In response to the results, the condom manufacturer has created a metal tin named the Love-Box that is designed to make buying and carrying condoms more discreet.

The product will be introduced to the American market in the new year through 5,000 in-home events that allow women to learn about the range of products available in the comfort of their own living room.

Durex recently launched a new ad campaign that the Guardian referred to as "a tad coy" for the brand.