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When it comes to sex, it seems that life starts after 80. That's right, according to new research, people in their 80s have more enjoyable sex than those up to 30 years younger, so you've got at least one thing to look forward to in old age.

Looking at information given by over 7,000 people aged 50 and above found that difficulty feeling aroused became increasingly worse among women aged 50 to 79. However, once people - especially women - reached their 80s, these problems decreased to levels experienced by people in their 60s.

The research found that a quarter (25 per cent) of women in their 50s have trouble getting aroused. This increases during their 60s (37 per cent) and 70s (40 per cent). In comparison, just 35 per cent of women in their 80s reported similar issues.

Published by the International Longevity Centre, the research suggests that the fact that older people tend to feel more confident within themselves and accept that sex doesn't need to be perfect helps to increase enjoyment. Scientists also think that the findings suggest doctors need to ask more older people about their sexual wellbeing.

Dr David Lee, a researcher at the University of Manchester who wrote the report, said: “There is a perception among society as a whole that sex stops once you are 80, be it through disbelief, disgust or humour.

“That clearly isn’t the case and it’s not how over 80s perceive it.”

As well as staying sexually active, those in their 80s felt more satisfied with their sexual encounters, perhaps because older couples are more likely to share their partner's sexual likes. They also feel less obliged to have sex so the quality of the act when they do is likely to be better.

No matter what age you are, it's important to use protection when you're having sex to avoid the spread of STIs. Even though there is no or limited chance of pregnancy in older age, you can still catch and transmit STIs, which is why you should use condoms.