A bed 'typically sees 480 sex sessions'

People may want to keep a healthy supply of condoms in their bedside cabinet to make sure they stay safe when getting intimate with a partner.

New research from Dreamland has revealed the average bed is likely to be the scene of 480 sex sessions during its lifespan, as well as 4,160 kisses, Digital Hub reports.

Storing condoms close to their place of rest may therefore prove a good move for those who wish to practice safe sex without killing the mood by fumbling around in the dark for contraception.

The study also found a bed will typically see 3,640 cuddles and be the place where 720 arguments are played out.

In addition, 240 books are likely to be read in the average four-poster, while around 120 breakfasts will be eaten in it.

Jacqueline Townson, spokeswoman for Dreamland, said: "Our beds are no longer reserved for sleeping, with Brits now using them as somewhere to relax, watch TV, read a book or even catch up on their emails."