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Most of us are on one social network or another. They enable us to keep in touch with our friends and family easily at long distances, and have quickly become huge in our society. However, have you ever heard of a social network for your sex toys?

This might seem like an incredibly odd idea, but the concept is currently being beta-tested. FriXion is a social network that allows you to get a lot more intimate with someone than just 'liking' one of their posts; in theory, it will allow couples to have sex over long distances.

Yes, you read that right: long-distance, remotely operated sex. But how does it work? FriXion's site describes users wearing a "wristband accelerometer" that can track movement. The motions of your arm can then be used to control a device thousands of miles away over the internet.

"Using sophisticated haptic teledildonics two or more FriXion users are able to touch each other and even have sex at any distance," the site reads. "The result is convincing and organic intimacy over any distance, from across a room to across an ocean!"

The idea is that when you thrust against one device, you will feel resistance from the other user. In this way, it accurately replicates the feeling of having sex with someone. The technology can be used with common sex toys as well, meaning people can access it easily.

This technology is unusual, but it could be incredibly useful to some people. Couples in long-distance relationships, for example, will be able to keep the same levels of intimacy up as if they were together.

The site claims this is the start of "the FriXion Revolution", which it describes as "a revolution that will bring with it an unprecedented opportunity for sexual empowerment, freedom, security, exploration, and access".

Are you interested in exploring this new sexual social network? FriXion is looking for people of all genders to be part of the beta test, so if this sounds appealing then you might want to look into signing up.