14054627We all have our fetishes. While most of them are fairly low-maintenance, some require special equipment if you really want to be sexually fulfilled! That seems to be the logic behind the new specialist sex toy to hit the market: the Vajankle.

So what is this new toy, and which fetish is it fit for? Well, if you're into feet then this is good news as you're the target market! The Vajankle is a silicone foot built to be as realistic as possible, with one small addendum. These feet have a vagina built into the ankle.

Yes, you read that right. This sex toy is the brainchild of southern California-based company Sinthetics, which specialises in realistic, anatomically correct sculptures or manikins. Its website says the firm is "known for our beautiful, super-realistic silicone feet" available in different shapes and sizes.

Now, interested parties can go one step further with their sexy silicone feet thanks to the Vajankle. The product originated as a bespoke order for a single customer. A spokesperson told Buzzfeed: "He said he wanted to be able to see and massage the sole of the foot while having sex with it. A lot of people REALLY love feet and we’re happy to support that market."

So, what do you get with your purchase? Well, you can order your Vajankle in a range of skin tones, including peaches, spice, sugar and French vanilla. You can also customise the toenails.

Sinthetics told Buzzfeed: "The typical toenails are the French pedicure, with Cherry toenails being the next most popular, but people do get more daring and we’ve recently had requests for turquoise, black, navy blue, dark purple, and cute art nails."

All this will set you back a total of $179 (around £118), so it is not a cheap sex toy by any means. However, if you have a fetish this specific it might be worth it! For the rest of us, regular sex toys will probably be enough.


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