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A new report published by UNESCO has highlighted the positive impact that accurate education on sex and healthy relationships can have on gender equality around the world.

The role of new technologies in helping to facilitate conversations around sexual health and to better inform young people on the benefits of safe sex is now growing, the report stated, with a wide array of new apps coming to the market at present.

UNESCO stated in its January release that new technologies are creating "rich opportunities" to improve outreach to young people in the realm of sexual health, with the wider dissemination of accurate information helping to improve attitudes to sex in many countries.

The Guardian highlighted the work of several groundbreaking app developers in this area at present, covering issues ranging from dealing with harassment to receiving frank advice around sexually-transmitted infections and sexual health.

UNESCO found that the advent of new online forums where individuals can go to receive information and advice has been shown to have far-reaching benefits for both young men and women.

It means that attitudes towards sex and gender equality in many parts of the world are now changing, with new technology at the forefront of battling inequality between the sexes and helping to inform and educate a new generation of inquisitive and open-minded individuals in equal measure.