'Additional free condoms' provided for Commonwealth athletes

It's no small wonder that the athletes at this year's Commonwealth Games in India have time to do anything but eat, sleep and try to win the gold but apparently extracurricular activities have included lots of sex.

It was recently reported that so much fun between the sheets was being had in New Delhi that toilets and pipes in the village had been blocked by thousands of condoms.

While this may have seemed horrendous to some, Commonwealth Games Federation president Mike Fennell managed to put a positive spin on the whole affair.

He was quoted by AAP as saying at the time: "We all know that promoting safe sex is a very responsible thing to do and if that is being used then I think the athletes are being responsible."

And now, according to the Wall Street Journal, thousands more of the prophylactics have been thoughtfully provided to the contestants by the National Aids Control Organization, available from one of 2,000 red vending machines stationed throughout the city.