Adult film company slammed over condom usage

A US adult film production house has been slammed over its failure to ensure performers wear condoms.

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) has filed a complaint against Vivid Entertainment in an attempt to pressurise the industry into promoting the use of contraceptives on set.

AHF president Michael Weinstein said: "As a global HIV and STD medical provider operating treatment clinics … we see it as our duty to pursue action on the issue of safety in the workplace."

The organisation has been calling for mandatory use of condoms on porn sets for a number of years and has previously issued concerns to the Department of Public Health.

Vivid's company founder Steven Hirsch has also courted controversy after publicly expressing his opposition to the use of contraceptives in adult films.

The AHF is based in Los Angeles and aims to spread warnings about HIV and Aids while providing support for sufferers.