Adult film sets 'closer to mandatory condom use'

California's Department of Occupational Safety and Health has been meeting to discuss a rule change that could see condom use on adult films become mandatory.

An advisory panel has been convened in order to listen to the views of health advocates, industry officials and the general public over whether porn stars need to be offered better protection.

Among those who are in favour of prophylactics being used are Shelley Lubben, former adult entertainment actress and founder of Pink Cross Foundation and Derrick Burts, a former  performer who was diagnosed with HIV-positive in 2010.

The Aids Healthcare Foundation started the process off by asking for the current workplace safety regulations to be re-evaluated to better include the adult industry.

Last month, its assistant-general counsel Brian Chase - who was also at the meeting - told the Daily News that the sector is displaying a lack of common sense over the issue of condoms.