Adult film stars may use condoms

Individuals who are involved in the adult entertainment industry may want to make sure they are using condoms when having sex.

Roland Hulme, writing in the Sex Is magazine, observed many performers treat catching sexually transmitted infections (STIs) as part of the job.

He noted "communication, education and consent" are vital when it comes to the issue of condom use in the porn industry.

The benefits of the prophylactic device include limiting the chance of STIs spreading, while they can also prevent unwanted pregnancies.

Belladonna, an actress and producer, wants to see the current 30-day testing window for STIs to be reduced to cut down on the risk to people's sexual health.

"Since I started testing three days prior, it's been over five years since I’ve contracted chlamydia or gonorrhea," she added.

Former porn star Bree Olson - who is going out with Charlie Sheen - recently backed a campaign called Get Rubber, which looks to encourage people to use protection, reported.