Adult film stars 'will not be forced to wear condoms'

An attorney in Los Angeles has said that lawmakers cannot force porn stars to wear condoms while on set.

Carmen Trutanich's office has recommended that the law is left alone, as there is not enough jurisdiction to try and exercise more control over the issue.

According to a letter sent to council members last month from deputy City Attorney Kimberly Miera, the "current permit language covers the use of condoms on all permitted adult film sets to the extent that the city may legally do so".

It comes after officials were asked to investigate the feasibility of introducing mandatory condom use on adult films, in an effort to cut down on the number of sexually transmitted infections.

Shelley Lubben and Michelle Avanti, both former porn stars and members of the Pink Cross Foundation, recently said all men taking part in the industry should be made to wear the prophylactic while on shoots.