Agony aunts call for sexual health to be made a priority

Some of the UK's best-loved agony aunts are joining forces to support sexual health charities in their call to protect crucial services - including those that provide free condoms.

Tracey Cox, Deirdre Sanders, Gill Cox and Emma Marlin are among the professionals teaming up with the Family Planning Association, Terrence Higgins Trust, Brook and MedFASH in a bid to get the government to maintain its commitment to the nation's wellbeing.

In a statement, the Sexual Health Coalition of Agony Aunts said: "Good sexual health is essential to physical and mental health, as well as positive relationships, self-esteem and self-identity and personal responsibility."

The organisation claims that during times of economic hardship, such services may be seen as an easy target for making cuts - which could have serious ramifications regarding sexually transmitted infections, diseases and unplanned pregnancy.

Recently, the BBC reported that the Peasedown Youth Hub in Bath was promoting the notion of safe sex among young people by handing out condoms free of charge.