Aids gel trialled on monkeys

A gel has been tested on monkeys that may help to prevent the spread of Aids among humans in the future, news which may be of interest to people buying condoms online.

Reuters reports how researchers from the Population Council in New York published the findings of the study in the PLoS ONE journal.

The scientists administered the gel to female monkeys in an experiment designed to view its effects in protecting the animals against the ape version of HIV.

Following the conclusion of the test the researchers wrote it "afforded full protection (21 of 21 animals) for up to 24 hours after two weeks of daily application".

It is hoped the gel will be able to be trialled on humans and potentially be used to prevent the spread of the incurable disease.

As the gel is made from a very small amount of an active drug it was stated by the Population Council that is could be safe and cheap to manufacture.

Last year, a study funded by the South African government and USAID found that a gel containing the drug tenofovir helped to reduce HIV and genital herpes infections among women.