Air Sex Championships to head to the UK

Put down the air guitar - the World Air Sex Championships are heading to the UK!

That's right, the competition that has seen men and women all over the US judged for their ability to have full-blown intercourse with an imaginary partner to a soundtrack of their choosing will be hitting British shores, the New York Daily News reports.

The idea for such a competition was, ahem, conceived in Tokyo and is intended to be partly erotic or romantic, while also providing a great deal of entertainment to the live audience watching.

Founder of the contest Chris Trew commented: "Every single person from the UK who has seen the show tells me it would be amazing over there."

He believes that the comedy is one of the most important aspects of the event, with competitors forbidden from getting completely naked.

"I think it will vibe well with the comedic sensibilities [in the UK] as well. It really needs to happen as soon as possible," Trew added.