Albuquerque schoolchildren not getting condoms on campus

School attendees in Albuquerque, New Mexico, cannot be given condoms while they are studying.

The rules introduced by the Albuquerque Public Schools board last year means the prophylactic cannot be handed out on campus, reports.

Leaders of the Student Health Advisory Committee are believed to be talking about the issue, despite the fact the district is in accordance with state law.

Jennifer Pentecost, co-chairwoman of the committee, said the reason the topic of condoms continues to be flagged up is because "it's brought up by the people that voiced the concerns initially".

Individuals may be looking to introduce the practice of distributing condoms because it can reduce the spread of sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

It comes after it was recently reported by the Wandsworth Guardian that fake condoms had been sold in Wandsworth, London.

This means those who have used them could be at risk of catching STIs.