Anal condom tests to begin in Boston

The Fenway Institute in Boston is to run a new trial which aims to study how effective condoms can be for anal sex protection.

Working alongside the National Institutes of Health, the institution is now looking for male couples to take part in the tests of the new ORIGAMI Anal Condom (OAC), which researchers hope will promote safer sex. 

Some of the funding will be provided by Bill and Melinda Gate's Gates Foundation and in a statement the charity said the prophylactic has been designed to promote consistent use by increasing sexual pleasure.

The OAC has a folded, non-rolled, accordion design that can slip on instantly and create a reciprocating motion inside the lubricated condom, which heightens pleasure for the user.

US authorities have never approved a condom made specifically for anal intercourse, but scientists hope this study will prove the efficacy of the silicone design.