Android users 'may require more condoms'

Condoms may prove a wise purchase for Android users, as new research has suggested these consumers are most likely to have a one night stand.

Carried out by, the study revealed people who own these devices are more fluent in their dating habits and are not averse to going the full distance on a first date.

According to the poll, there is a link between smartphones and hooking up, with 75 per cent of the Canadians questioned claiming these handsets - through texting and emailing - have helped them get together with members of the opposite sex.

Kimberly Moffit, relationship insider at, said: "More so than zodiac signs or astrology, smartphones are the new way Canadian singles can decode their dating style and determine if they've met their match."

In addition, the research also suggested iPhone - which is made by Apple - users are the most likely to date someone from work, while BlackBerry owners often drink on a first date.