Antiguan teenagers 'need to wear condoms'

Individuals on the island of Antigua have been told to use a condom during sex.

Director of youth Cleon Athill, speaking to the Antigua Observer after an annual teen forum, said people need to make sure they take "healthy decisions".

"Be man enough or woman enough to take it to the next level and use a condom all the time," she added.

Ms Athill's comments may lead to some individuals buying condoms online, while she also endorsed having as few sexual partners as possible.

She puts the current generations' attitude down to the bad influences they are around, such as the music they listen to.

The specialist observed the media "desensitises them" and so issues such as whether or not to wear a prophylactic device do not get the level of consideration it should.

It comes after the Pure in Heart campaign was launched in Jersey, which attempts to educate teenagers about the options they have available, BBC News reported.