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Many people are used to turning to their smartphone when they want to order a pizza or look at the latest football results, but a Chinese company has offered something a little different to smartphone users.

Sex toy manufacturer Touch created an app that allows customers to rent highly realistic sex dolls for a short time.

The 'Shared Girlfriend' app means users can enjoy the product for up to a week at a time and the dolls are designed to look as real as possible. Unfortunately the service has been withdrawn - just four days since its launch - after being met with a lot of criticism and problems with the Chinese police.

Most of Touch's dolls are programmed with voices so they can respond to being touched by customers.

Talking about their app, the company said: "With one touch of a key, you are no longer single!”

Although sharing something so intimate with a stranger may seem a little odd, it's actually part of the appeal for Touch's customers. It's also possible to ask for the doll to be 'warmed up' for you before it's delivered.

The app allows people to customise the dolls they want to take home with them and gives options about what additional extras they may also want to rent. These include special outfits and hairstyles, as well as whips and handcuffs.

At the launch of the app, the company had dolls kitted out in various outfits, with one dressed as Wonder Woman and another one as a sailor.

To rent a doll it will cost you £35 for one night or £147 for a full week, the Metro reports. Once you are finished with the sex toy, other customers are able to rent the same one after you.

The service was being piloted in Beijing, but the company had hoped to be able to roll it out to anyone across China.

Although it may seem unusual, using a sex toy does reduce the risk of STDs or any other problems associated with not using condoms when having sex.