Apprentice pair had sex in a cupboard

Apprentice star Jordan Poulton has revealed the saucy details of his intimate relationship with Luisa Zissman.

The pair, who were contestants together on the BBC show, would reportedly sneak off from producers to have sex in a cupboard!

He said: "When I was with Luisa I spent a lot of time in cupboards - literally. It wasn't easy to have sex in the Apprentice house as there were minders living there trying to stop us."

Jordan added what we already knew, that Luisa is not shy about discussing her various sexual antics with people.

According to reports, the two got together after a party hosted in a posh restaurant by Sir Alan Sugar - who opted to choose neither of them to be his newest business partner.

Luisa, who is currently in the Celebrity Big Brother house, has previously denied that the pair did anything more than kiss - which came to a halt when a member of the production team walked in.