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We've all heard the stories - maybe even first hand - of the guys who can't wear condoms because they can't find any that fit, or that they are too tight, too uncomfortable, or any other reasons that their nether regions won't be confined by latex.

However, there may be an end to this plight, meaning no man has to risk himself - or his partner - by having unprotected sex again.

Companies are on the brink of developing a 3D-printed condom that is made to suit the exact girth and length of its wearer.

The idea is that, when you were about to get intimate, you'd use a device - maybe even your smartphone - and scan your partner's junk. It would then send this measurements to a 3D printer that would create him a bespoke condom.

With this on-the-spot option available, there would be no scenario where you'd have to forgo protection because you forgot to bring one along.

One of the biggest challenges in achieving this goal is that it's unlikely that latex would work. However, scientists all over the world, especially at the University of Manchester, have been developing ways to build condoms out of different materials, such as hydrogel and graphene.

This would also help the number of people who are allergic to latex have happier and safer sex lives.

Although it may take another few years to get to the point where these condoms are meeting regulatory standards, it offers a new solution for an age-old problem and could encourage more people to practice safe sex wherever they are.

You don't need to wait for 3D-printed devices to come into your bedroom to keep things safe. There is already a wide range of condoms in all shapes, sizes and flavours, so you can find something that suits you and your partner.