Are you getting your share of orgasms?

Apart from Christmas, birthdays and perhaps pancake day, there can surely be no more exciting a celebration than National Orgasm Day, which is being enjoyed across the country today (July 31st). 

And to mark the occasion, PelvicToner has published the results of the largest national orgasm survey ever conducted in the UK. 

Close to half of all women polled said they do not feel they are getting enough orgasms, with 70 per cent revealing they rarely if ever achieve the vaginal orgasm through penetrative sex. 

In addition, 36 per cent of respondents said they do not regularly achieve clitoral orgasm in this manner, though four-fifths often or always manage to do so when self-stimulating or using a sex toy.

Those who are unable to achieve orgasm may be experiencing Anorgasmia, a sexual dysfunction which prevents them from doing so. However, it is estimated that only 4.7 per cent of women suffer from the condition.

Indeed, research from Huffington Post discovered between 50 and 67 per cent of women fake orgasms regularly when having sex with a partner. It seems men aren't adversed to misleading their partners, with 25 per cent having feigned the Big O and ten per cent claiming they do so on a regular basis.

One of those who took part in the survey revealed: "Until I bought a vibrator I had never had an orgasm of any kind. At the grand old age of 43, it came as quite a shock!"

The much-debated quest to find the female G-spot was also covered in the survey, with 72 per cent of women saying they are aware of their own. However, the location varied significantly among respondents.

While half of those indicated they believe their G-spot is located just inside their vagina, 35 per cent said it is deep inside and the remaining 15 per cent suggested a variety of alternative locations.