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It's that time of year again: December 31st is approaching, meaning people everywhere are making promises for the next 12 months. Some will be losing weight, some will look to learn a musical instrument, while others might try to give up smoking or drinking. However, have you thought about making a sexual resolution?

That might sound like an odd question, but most people have something they'd like to improve about their sex life. Make it your goal in 2015 to do exactly that! Stuck for ideas? Here are a few you can try:


Try new things

Your sex life might be working fine for you, but do you ever feel like you're in a bit of a rut? Sometimes, trying new things can be exactly what you need. You could make it your resolution to try a certain number of new things in the bedroom by aiming for a new practice every month. Sex toys, roleplaying, bondage; the possibilities are endless!


Improve your equipment

For something that is so important, we don't often invest much money in our sexual pleasure. Don't settle for a bargain pack of condoms from a pub toilet! Make it your resolution to go for high-quality items every time this year!


Be more spontaneous

This is something most people think they need to improve. Make an effort to initiate sex spontaneously in 2015. This could involve surprising your significant other with a sexy outfit, or going for it at an unusual time or even just a different room of the house!



Does your partner often give you oral sex? How often do you repay the favour? Many couples feature one member who seems to do all of the work in the bedroom! Make sure that this year, you reciprocate whenever possible. Take over in the bedroom to improve the sex for both of you!