Arnold Schwarzenegger: Sex does not stop when you get older

Arnold Schwarzenegger has noted people do not stop having sex when they get older, but the way in which individuals get down and dirty begins to change.

The actor and politician, 65, could well still be stocking up on condoms after claiming lovemaking is not something that simply disappears when individuals reach a certain age.

Schwarzenegger - who first found fame as a bodybuilder before appearing in films such as Total Recall and The Terminator - said: "Sex may change a bit. When you're 65, it's not exactly the same as when you were 25. But that doesn't mean it's over. It's never over."

The star also revealed he dreamt of becoming a millionaire from an early age, admitting he wanted to buy lots of extravagant things as a youngster, including a gold Rolex, a Rolls-Royce and even a cheetah - but these ideas fell by the wayside as he got older and starting earning big sums.