Australian prisoners to get condoms in jail

Prisoners in Victoria, Australia, will be given access to condoms in an effort to encourage safe sex practices.

The programme will initially be rolled out in two women's and men's penitentiaries, before it becomes state-wide, the Age reports.

Victorian Aids Council executive director Mike Kennedy said that "it's about time" the measure was introduced, adding: "This is a very sensible public health measure."

Mr Kennedy's organisation noted that the move means all of the recommendations outlined in the 2005 policy document Conditions for Persons in Custody have been implemented.

Victoria's chief health officer Dr John Carnie told the news provider that the prophylactic has to be made available to the prison population in order to "prevent transmission of infection".

He added chlamydia, gonorrhoea and syphilis are the most common sexually transmitted infections in the area.

This comes after Dr Alan Baldam, a GP in Warrnambool, Victoria, told the Standard that female condoms should be introduce to the state.