Picture of condoms being tested on a machine Image: iStock/Brasil2

Australian scientists believe they have created the condom of the future, designed to feel like the wearer has nothing on at all.

Eudeamon Technologies won a share of a multi-million dollar grant from the Australian government aimed at supporting medtech innovators trying to get their ideas and inventions off the ground.

It used the money to create condoms made from 'hydrogel', a material so like human skin that it should feel almost undetectable.

The condoms were already in the process of development after co-founder and biomedical engineer Dr Robert Gorkin had the idea for their creation back in 2013, but the grant helped to further refine the prototype.

It is hoped that the texture will encourage people to wear condoms made from this material, thereby boosting the practice of safe sex, decreasing sexually-transmitted infections and lowering unwanted pregnancy rates.

Dr Gorkin said the hydrogels are like latex, but offer enhanced feeling and lubricate themselves, reducing the likelihood of breakage. They also have no taste or odour, making them ideal for safer oral sex, yet are able to kill germs and bacteria.

He added in an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald: "Our product is designed to overcome the number one issue with condoms because ultimately the choice of using this medical device is up to the consumer."

The next step will be to test to new condoms on humans and it is hoped that a partnership with a commercial brand could be secured should these trials prove successful. If all goes according to plan, hydrogel-based condoms could be available to consumers by 2021.

In the meantime, there are plenty of ultra-thin condoms designed to boost sensation and heighten pleasure. Durex Intimate Feel condoms have extra lubrication and are made to feel like a second skin, which is why they're so popular on our website.

We'll definitely be interested to follow the progress on this new material, though - we'll keep you posted!