Australian teenagers in care to find out about safe sex

Teenagers in care in Australia could be taught about safe sex methods such as the need to use condoms.

According to the Age, those who are in out-of-home facilities will be given sex education lessons.

This could see them become more aware about the pitfalls of sexually transmitted infections, as occurrences of chlamydia and syphilis could drop as a result.

Sandie de Wolf, the chief executive of Berry Street, the state's largest foster care provider, said: "We feel it's important that information be given to these children about how to keep themselves safe sexually and have healthy relationships."

The information outlet also suggested that unwanted pregnancies may also be reduced if the measure was introduced.

Jacqui Reed, chief executive officer at Create Foundation, which seeks to represent children in state care across the country, noted she has heard of people as young as 11 expecting babies when they are in care.