Bar Rafaeli 'appeals for sex tape money'

Bar Rafaeli has appealed for help in a quest to make her very own sex tape.

The Israeli model has asked fans to help her raise the £10,000 needed for a high-definition camera, which she will use to record the steamy footage.

However, it is unlikely guys and girls around the world will get to see the 27-year-old beauty using condoms any time soon, as the video plea is a spoof for comedy site

Despite this, fans may find it enjoyable nonetheless to see the star - who used to date Inception and Shutter Island actor Leonardo DiCaprio - talking so openly about her bedroom antics.

Rafaeli said on the clip: "I would like to make a sex tape. A tape of me having sex with a dude. Sex in many positions for just a few hours."

The celebrity went on to describe herself as "very good" at having sex, adding the project is close to her heart - and therefore her breasts.