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Feeling your age could mean you're more likely to be less satisfied with your sex life, according to new research. The University of Waterloo in Canada has found that those who feel younger than they are, usually derive more satisfaction from their sex lives.

Researchers looked at 1,170 people aged from their mid-40s to mid-70s over ten years to assess their sexual satisfaction. Each participant - some of whom had a diverse sexual orientation - were asked about their attitudes towards ageing and sex during this period.

Researchers found that those who felt closest to their actual physical age tended to have a lower quality sex life than those who felt younger than their age, suggesting that it pays to feel young at heart.

This result didn't necessarily mean that those who felt younger than their actual age were having more sex, however, they were happier with the sex and felt it was higher quality.

Steven Mock, associate professor of Recreation and Leisure Studies at the University of Waterloo, said: "What was clear from the data is that feeling younger had a huge impact on how people felt about the quality of their sex life and how interested they were in having sex.

"For people in mid to later life, feeling young at heart actually appears to make a difference in the bedroom."

Of course, this doesn't mean that those who feel their age are automatically subject to less satisfying sex, as there are ways to make your sex life more enjoyable. Taking time to ensure mutual satisfaction to ensure both you and your partner have their needs met is the simplest way to keep things good.

You also need to look at protection, even if you are older, as sexually transmitted infections (STIs) can affect anyone, no matter what their age. This means ensuring you have condoms to hand, as well as other forms of birth control if required.