Boots Ireland to offer new emergency contraceptive service

Boots has announced plans to introduce a new emergency contraceptive service that will be launched in Ireland tomorrow (January 12th), news which may be of interest to those buying condoms online.

The new scheme will allow women to buy the morning-after-pill without needing a prescription from their GP.

For €45 (£37), ladies will be able to purchase the medicine during a one-to-one consultation with a pharmacist who will give them advice on long-term contraception options.

The move marks the first instance in which women in the country will be able to bypass visiting their doctor in order to get the pill.

Boots Ireland's chief pharmacist Mary Rose Burke said: "This emergency contraception service has been introduced as part of Boots' objective to provide responsible, accessible and affordable healthcare to its customers."

In Britain the morning-after-pill can either be bought by those aged over 16 from a pharmacy or is available free of charge on prescription.