Boston teenagers 'want more sex education'

Teenagers in Boston are appealing for more sex education, which could see them buy condoms online.

Hundreds of individuals came to Boston's City Council chambers to protest about the lack of guidance available to youngsters.

The reason that people are looking for more information is because they are worried about the hike in rates of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and unwanted pregnancies.

Hung Nguyen, a student at Snowden International School, told the Boston Globe: "I feel like they are focusing on 'don't have sex or don't get pregnant'. There's more to it than that."

He added his education establishment had not provided him with enough information when it came to the use of condoms and especially about STIs.

A number of adolescents echoed the story of Mr Nguyen and called on officials to provide better sex education.

It comes after it was revealed that London residents need to buy condoms as cases of genital warts in the city are on the increase.