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A five-year-old boy was found chewing on a used condom in Florida after it was improperly disposed of.

Police in Florida are currently investigating the event after the young boy was discovered in the playground of his elementary school with the condom in his mouth by a shocked teacher, reports WPTV.

On the afternoon of Wednesday, February 8th, the boy was playing outside St. Lucie Elementary School with friends during a break between classes. He found the condom on the floor and started chewing on it.

When a teacher found him, they removed the condom and called the police and the boy's mother.

“It could be a prostitution-related thing or some couple that was out there and just made a bad decision, or who knows what. That’s why we’re going to patrol more and see what we can find," Ed Cunningham of the Fort Pierce Police Department told the news provider.

School officials are now reviewing on-site CCTV footage in an attempt to find out how the condom came to be there. They are also going to be making new efforts to ensure the playground is kept clean, including routine close sweeps of the area.

The boy in question was taken to A&E to get tested for any sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) he could have contracted from the condom. According to the police, he is expected to be okay.

Disposing of condoms correctly is important when it comes to limiting people's exposure to possible STDs or harming their health in other ways. Condoms also aren't great for the environment so need to be thrown away properly.

To get rid of used condoms, it is recommended that you tie a knot in the end to stop any fluids from spilling, wrap the condom in tissue paper and throw it in your rubbish bin. You should never flush used condoms down the toilet.