Brighton students revealed to be on top for sex

Student living is a period of life that affords so many benefits that you'll never experience again. Lectures and seminars you don't necessarily need to go to, money magically appearing in your bank account that you don't have to pay back for a while and lots of time for fun - if you get what we mean. 

The latter is certainly the case for students at Brighton University. If being just a short walk away from the beach wasn't a good enough reason to get your degree here, maybe the fact that undergrads at this establishment are having the most sex is enough to persuade you? revealed the seaside university came top of the pile with each student having an average of 10.59 sexual partners each since they enroled. We don't quite know what kind of a romp you'll get with that 0.59 of a person, but hey - whatever floats your boat. 

Coming in at second place was the University of Chester, with a typical 9.94 different people they'd got down and dirty with. Liverpool Hope University will be needing an influx of condoms after they finished third on the podium with 9.57 (hopefully) satisfied customers, comfortably ahead of fourth-placed Southampton Solent on 8.63.

We don't know if exams are becoming easier or the latest crop of students are cleverer, but either way, they've clearly got a lot more time on their hands - not to mention other people - as the average number of notches on bedposts has rocketed. 

Roehampton University topped the pile in 2013 with 6.32 partners, way below this year's figure, suggesting the typical undergrad is definitely more keen for a good time than they were 12 months ago. 

As far as we're concerned, you'd do well to avoid the likes of Bath Spa University. Perhaps the scenic surroundings are more appealing than the opportunity to dive under the covers, as there's an average of just 2.57 sexual conquests. 

The University of the West of Scotland fared marginally better with 2.62, meaning it's another place to keep away from if you're after a bit of passion to make your studies that little bit more interesting.