Couple watching TV in bed Image: iStock/gilaxia

We're now used to having TVs in more than one room of the house - and there are always devices like tablets and laptops for streaming if there is no actual set.

However, it seems that this desire for constant entertainment is harming our sex lives because people are actually chilling after Netflix rather than, you know, doing 'Netflix and chill'.

A study of almost four million people from 80 countries taking part in the Demographic and Health Surveys found that couples who own a television are six per cent less likely to have sex in any given week than those who do not.

On average, people were engaging in intercourse fewer than three times a month, a far cry from 1990 when the figure was five times a month.

And what's the big difference? On-demand entertainment as opposed to four channels and a cut-off to the test card when the broadcasters ran out of programmes (or perhaps wanted to go home to bed themselves).

Authors Adrienne Lucas and Nicholas Wilson said couples are showing a "willingness to substitute electronic companionship for human companionship".

"While television may not kill your sex life, it is associated with some sex life morbidity," they added, pointing out that there used to be nothing for couples to do past 10.30pm when TV closed down for the night.

In the UK, electricity use peaks between 10pm and 11pm, suggesting Brits are streaming box sets or surfing their 500 channels rather than heading off to bed to enjoy some time between the sheets before sleep.

Interestingly, the study also discovered that people who own cars and motorbikes are more likely than average to participate in regular sex.

However, respondents who owned fridges and, er, 'improved floors' were less likely to be getting it on, suggesting all that time seeking out the perfect hardwood flooring in B&Q might be putting a dampener on your conjugal relations.

Clearly, there's only one thing for it: bring back the test card. Or failing that, use the remote to switch off the telly and actually connect with your significant other this week. Real-life sex in the city (or countryside, for that matter), beats re-runs of Sex and the City any day.

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