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We all love a good sex scene. From tasteful erotic encounters to trashy bedroom romps, they are always good fun. British TV has broadcast its fair share of romantic storylines, many of which end up in the characters' bedroom, but how do our shows hold up compared to the rest of the world? As it turns out, not very well.

BBC Worldwide, eager to see how its programmes are thought of around the globe, commissioned a survey to find out viewers' opinions of British TV. The results showed that what might seem like a red hot sex scene in the UK can come across as more of a damp squib overseas!

This was especially true in the notoriously romantic countries of France and Italy. Only four per cent of French viewers said that British sex scenes were the reason they watched UK shows. British sauciness fared a little better with Italians, but not by much: just six per cent said they enjoyed our erotic scenes.

The reasons for this unpopularity are not clear, although it seems that even Brits turn their noses up at some of the country's best sex scenes. Critically acclaimed - but controversial - shows like Tipping the Velvet, Birdsong and The White Queen have all seen their fair share of complaints from offended viewers.

However, not everyone shares this view. Around a quarter of Indian viewers, for example, said they turned UK shows on for the love scenes. Similarly, our sex scenes were the third most popular trait of British programmes for Mexican viewers.

But overall, it seems international viewers praise other things about UK TV. The number one reason viewers tune into British TV around the world is our unique sense of humour, which was the most popular choice for Chinese, Australian, American and German viewers. We might not do the best sex scenes, but at least we can make people laugh!

Source: BBC