British women admit to phone use during sex

Condoms are not the only item Brits appear to be taking to the bedroom with them, as new research has found many people are checking their phones during sex.

Carried out by, the study revealed 62 per cent of women have looked at their mobiles when getting it on with their partner, while 48 per cent of men admitted to doing the same.

The research polled 1,747 men and women aged 18 and above from around the world - all of whom had been in a relationship for a year or more and owned smartphones.

It was discovered that individuals are willing to put their lovemaking on hold for various reasons, such as sending a text message, answering a call, checking their social media sites and reading their emails.

A spokeswoman for the voucher codes website said: "It is particularly shocking that more women confessed to checking their phones during intimate moments than men."