British women 'more likely to have unprotected sex on holiday'

Young British women are more likely to have unprotected sex on holiday than they are back home, new research has suggested.

According to the survey, one-in-ten female vacationers under the age of 30 will engage in sexual practices without a condom or other forms of contraception this summer, the Daily Mail reports.

It was shown that the adoption of a more carefree attitude while abroad means some women choose to take a complete stranger to bed or hook up with someone they have met during their trip.

Moreover, four-in-ten single females admitted the chances of them having sex without a condom are much greater when they are overseas.

Dr Tony Steele, founder of the online doctor and pharmacy site - which is owned by Index Medical - noted intercourse without protection significantly increases the risk of a person catching a sexually transmitted infection.

He stated: "Whether on home soil or thousands of miles away women, whether they are 18 or 55, need to be practising safe sex and using condoms."