Britons 'should use condoms on holidays'

Britons who go on holiday should wear condoms to prevent them from catching a sexually transmitted infection (STI).

This is according to Oritse Williams, one of the members of JLS, who told the Daily Star too many people forget about precautions when they are away from home.

"More than half a million Brits will contract an STI this year and the consequences are huge," he added.

JLS have set up their own foundation to deal with the issue of safe sex, while they also lent their images to a special version of Durex condoms.

Durex general manager Camillo Pane added: "JLS are great ambassadors for us."

Williams noted that one of his friends caught an STI when he had sex for the first time because he did not use any contraceptives.

His comments coincide with National Condom Week, which has seen a survey launched that will try to discover people's attitudes towards safe sex in the UK.