Brits 'among the most adventurous in bed'

British couples are among the most adventurous lovers in the world, a new survey has found.

Carried out by the Daily Star and Durex for National Condom Week, the poll revealed Brits are more likely to use sex lube than their German counterparts and take vibrators to bed more frequently than the French.

According to the study, British men and women are also more prone to introducing sex toys to a relationship than the Irish.

Ben Smith of Durex stated: "When it comes to sex, Brits love a bit of frisky fun and are keen to try something new."

Despite this, many people could be at risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections, with one-in-two of the British individuals questioned admitting they have failed to use a condom when sleeping with a person for the first time.

Published for National Condom Week, it is hoped the results will be used to make sure people are thinking about safe practices when getting naughty between the sheets.