Brits among 'the most faithful'

A new survey has revealed that British men are the most faithful in Europe.

By contrast, Italian and French males were found to be the most likely to cheat on their spouses, with 55 per cent admitting to having had an affair.

The survey was carried out by polling company Ifop for Gleeden - an international dating site for married people - and quizzed over 5,000 people across six different countries.

British men were not shown in a good light, however, as 42 per cent also admitted to having been unfaithful to their other half.

This compares to 46 per cent of Germans, 50 per cent of Spaniards and 51 per cent of Belgians all revealing their cheating habits.

Women were found to be slightly better behaved, according to the poll, with the British again leading the way alongside the females of Belgium.

That figure stood at 29 per cent, while German women were found to be the naughtiest with 43 per cent admitting to having played away at some point in a relationship.

Around 34 per cent of Italians admitted to cheating while for France it was 32 per cent.

The Brits were also found to be the most regretful of their actions, the poll found, with more than half stating that they felt remorse afterwards.

By comparison, only 28 per cent of French people say that they wish they had never been unfaithful.

Ifop suggested that there might be a link between cheating and religion, with more protestant nations less likely to cheat on their partners.

The poll comes shortly after a sex scandal involving the French president, Francois Hollande, who allegedly had an affair with an actress.

Ifop director Francois Kraus said: “After all the noise about 'L'Affaire Gayet' and all the articles in the international press about the fickle nature of the French, this seems to confirm the clichés about Latin males."

Fellow serial cheaters Italy have also been rocked by their own political sex controversy, as last year Silvio Berlusconi was found guilty of having intercourse with an underage prostitute.