Brits 'aren't shy' about outdoor sex

Keeping a condom in their wallet as well as a stash at home is advisable for most UK men, judging by the results of a new sex survey.

Carried out by the Sun, the research revealed Brits are not shy when it comes to having sex in unusual places, as 72 per cent of the 20,000 readers questioned admitting to getting down and dirty outdoors.

According to the poll - which is the biggest of its kind ever compiled by the newspaper - 69 per cent of respondents have had a one-night stand and around one-quarter have enjoyed a threesome.

Worryingly, the findings also revealed more than half of the people questioned admitted to having sex without using protection.

By carrying a condom with them at all times, men can make sure they are ready for whatever opportunities the night presents them with and enjoy greater peace of mind that the risk of sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancy has been reduced.