Brits 'enjoying naughty condom action'

Britons may well be perceived as straight-laced, stiff-upper-lip types but now a new study has revealed this is quite far from the truth, with people donning the best condoms to fornicate in any number of places.

According to UKTV channel Really, which commissioned the Big Sex Survey, one in ten people have romped around in the office, while one in 20 have got some in the back row of the cinema.

Favourite positions were also discovered, with three in ten preferring doggy style to the classic missionary, although 24 per cent do still enjoy the woman being on top.

Really's Clare Laycock noted that, in spite of the UK's terrible weather, "Brits are a nation of outdoor-lovers, with so many saying they've had sex outside. Perhaps that explains why, for one in six of us, sex only lasts ten minutes".

Regardless of longevity, however, it could be advisable to get some bedroom action at least once a week, with sex counsellor and writer for the Chart Ian Kerner saying this could help people stay healthy as it improves both the body and mind.