Brits 'need to open up about sex'

It appears people in Britain need to open up about the issue of sex, judging by the findings of new research.

Carried out by Aviva, the study found the topic of intimacy to be the conversation type families in the nation find the most uncomfortable.

The investigation suggests parents may be missing out on the opportunity to speak to their children about big issues such as safe sex and the importance of using a condom.

It was found that 56 per cent of those questioned cited bedroom antics as the topic they enjoy speaking of least, while other areas that people dislike include debt, finances and death.

Louise Colley, head of protection at Aviva, which is the sixth-largest insurance group in the world, noted nobody enjoys thinking about mortality, "but by denying that illness - or worse - is even a possibility, people are stopping themselves putting measures in place to protect their loved ones".