Brits need to relax and enjoy sex, says French sexpert

In comparison to the French, British women spend too much time planning when it's the right time to have sex - meaning they're not enjoying as much lovemaking as they could be.

This is the view of Maïa Mazaurette, a columnist for GQ magazine in France, who pointed out that her nation were better at sex on account of having fewer inhibitions, the Metro reports. 

Ms Mazaurette commented that many women in Britain are afraid of being branded a slut and, as a result, are perhaps less sexually active as they would be otherwise. 

In France, women simply "spread their legs" and get on with it, she claimed. Abstaining from sex on the first date allows the pressure to escalate and a fear of the lovemaking being inadequate or not living up to the hype starts to emerge.

To avoid this, the answer is to get on with it straight away - less talk, more action. 

Ms Mazaurette continued on this wavelength when she addressed the idea of dating. The columnist said as little as 30 minutes was an acceptable time to get to know someone before you got to know their body as well.

"Basically, you wait long enough to make sure you don’t have a psychopath in front of you, and maybe build a little desire," she commented. After that, the vibe seems to be: go for it and have fun. 

In a bid to inject some spice into amorous activities, the sexpert extolled the virtues of using toys. 

She claimed that, even if she were to get jiggy with the likes of Ryan Gosling, she remarked: "I don't want to go back to a world without plastic!"

While some Brits might find Ms Mazaurette's comments a little out there and inappropriate, we take our hats off to her for being so blase about the issue and being honest about what really floats her boat.