Campaign 'to raise awareness' of female condoms

A new initiative is being launched to try and raise awareness of the need for female condoms.

The International Paper Dolls Campaign is organised by the Universal Access to Female Condoms Joint Programme, which has been running since 2008.

Among those who will be present at the event are Lucie van Mens, from the Universal Access to Female Condoms and Maria da Luz Dai Guebuza, the First Lady of Mozambique.

It will take place on June 8th, which is the opening day of the UN High Level Meeting on HIV and Aids.

Hundreds of paper dolls are set to be displayed, with each one bearing a message from either a woman in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas who want the UN to recognise that she needs access to the female condom.

As well as giving ladies greater freedom over their sexual health, the prophylactic can cut down on cases of unwanted pregnancies.