Cara Delevingne and Alicia Keys go nude

One of the big stories of the past few weeks has been the hacking of naked pictures from various celebrities' computers and mobile devices. This huge invasion of privacy has been rightly condemned by most of society. However, not every nude photograph is stolen, as some celebs have been more than happy to get a little racy despite the scandals.

Rightly taking their nudity into their own hands, two of the hottest women in showbiz have bared it all recently. One of those is model Cara Delevingne, who paired her signature thick eyebrows and wild hair with very little else in a recent spread in Allure magazine.

The photoshoot saw Cara posing completely nude for the cameras, except for an elaborate bracelet in one shot and a tactfully placed Chanel padlock and chain in another. The gorgeous model looked fantastic in the picture, describing herself as "just a lil naked....pshhhh" on her Instagram profile.

Meanwhile, pregnant Alicia Keys also took to Instagram to broadcast a naked photo of herself. The 'Girl on Fire' singer posed naked with a 'CND' peace symbol painted on her bump in order to promote her new 'We Are Here' movement.

"It’s you and me on a mission to create a kinder and more peaceful world. The #WeAreHere Movement begins today," she posted. Her aim is to promote togetherness, as well as "giving birth to a kinder and more peaceful world for ALL children" according to the movement's website.

The movement is especially pertinent given the recent naked photo hacks. Perhaps these nude photos from Alicia, along with the messages promoted by her campaign, will help to prevent further disrespect in the form of hacked photos.

In the meantime, the glamorous celebrities have shown us that there's no shame in appearing naked. These racy photoshoots should show that nudity doesn't have to be seedy, and it certainly doesn't need to be stolen from somebody's phone.