Careers 'more important than sex life' at 28

People aged 28 and above may wish to spice up their bedroom antics with sex lube and other accessories in order to keep things interesting between the sheets.

This is because new findings from dating site Seeking Arrangement have shown this to be the age when many individuals start placing their career above their sex life, the Daily Mail reports.

The survey, which saw 1,000 male and female members questioned, found 37 per cent of women and 39 per cent of men view 28 as the point in their lives when they officially become an adult.

According to the survey, other tell-tale signs that people are entering adulthood are they begin looking for a husband or wife rather than a boyfriend or girlfriend and start considering property to buy as opposed to rent.

Presenter Claire Craig said people's attitudes begin to change in their mid-20s as they seek more stability in their lives, adding: "Suddenly having a one-night stand doesn't seem like a good idea. You would rather meet someone special."