Spouse annoying you? Here's how to get that spark back...

Image: iStock/pixedeli Anyone in a long-term relationship will surely agree that it's hardly all sunshine and rainbows all the time. In fact, there might be days when you can barely stand to look at each other, let alone feel a desire to rip each other's clothes off and jump into bed together. If you've been feeling a little bit glum about your partner lately and want to get that old spark back, then you might be interested to hear the results from a rather unusual psychological study into […]

Vagina ice pops are being recommended to new mums

Image credit: iStock/merc67 Giving birth is one of the most stressful things a female body can do and it isn't a case of it all being over once the baby arrives. After giving birth vaginally, women can experience a lot of pain, swelling and bruising, which can be uncomfortable for a while. But now there could be a simple way to provide some relief after birth. Vagina ice pops for new mums are the latest trend that could help reduce pain and swelling, allowing them to enjoy getting to know […]

Is hot tub sex all it's cracked up to be?

Image credit: iStock/oneinchpunch It's billed as one of the most romantic places to get intimate, after all, there's nothing better than a Jacuzzi, a couple of glasses of champagne and a starlit evening, right? While it may look great in the movies, hot tub sex may not be all it's made out to be. While sitting back in a hot steamy tub with your significant other may sound like heaven, it's probably a good idea not to take things any further. Gynaecologist Diana Hoppe spoke to Men's Health […]

What condom mistakes are you making?

Image credit: iStock/Denis Raev Condoms are pretty easy right? Well, you might think that, but you could actually be making a whole host of mistakes when it comes to your protection. This may not seem like a big deal, after all, if a condom still works what's the problem? But the more mistakes you make, the less effective your rubber is. In fact, you can make a mistake with your condom even before you've made it to the bedroom, putting you at risk of contracting STIs and of unwanted pregnancy. […]

What should you do if a condom gets stuck?

Image credit: iStock/vadimguzhva There's no denying that sex is messy. We don't mean the emotions that can get tangled up in a sexual relationship, the act of intercourse itself can be dirty - and not always in a good way. Sex isn't like the movies. There will likely be no light breeze that gently stirs your curtains, you won't fall into each other's arms and enjoy a montage of perfectly performed positions, and you definitely won't be able to fall straight to sleep holding each other. A lot […]

2016 UK Festival Season

It’s that time of year again: time to fish out your tent and wellies and get hedonistic in a muddy field! We at myCondom.com love a good music festival, and here are some of our top tips for the UK's 2016 festival season. Don’t Forget! Checking the weather forecast is key. We'd recommend myweather2.com. They’re usually pretty accurate. If there's any chance of rain, bring wellies. And a lightweight rain jacket - with emphasis on lightweight. Versatility is key! If it’s cold, you can […]

How to clean your sex toys properly

Image credit: iStock When you've found your perfect sex toy, you want to make sure it stays in the best possible condition so you can continue to enjoy using it. This doesn't just mean storing it in the right place and keeping it stocked with charged batteries, you also need to clean it. Failing to clean your sex toys can result in nasty infections, not to mention spreading sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) between you and your partners if you use the toys together. To keep your vibrators […]

What Condom Should I Buy? A Buyers Guide...

Condoms are the only form of contraception - other than abstinence - effective in preventing both pregnancy and STIs. When condoms are used correctly, they have a success rate of 98%, significantly higher than the rival contraceptives. With such a vast array of condoms available to buy online today, we’ve put together the following buyer's guide to help steer you towards your perfect condom. Alternatively, take the following simple questionnaire to discover the perfect condom for […]

myCondom in Ghana. An introduction to "Village by Village"

The following is a guest post by Brendan Quinn, Director of Operations at "Village by Village", who we are delighted to support with free condoms. Village by Village is a small UK based charity that works in Ghana, West Africa. We have been operating in Ghana for 9 years and have worked in over 100 villages providing scholarships, toilets, clean water, school blocks, clinics and educational programmes for handwashing. Our mission is to reduce the needless suffering and deaths of children […]

The History of the Condom

Condoms are the most effective form of contraception throughout Europe and the rest of the world, highly successful in preventing both pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. Wearing a condom might be an unwanted necessity for most, but it’s interesting to see how the condom – as we know it today – has changed over hundreds, or even thousands, of years since its first arrival. The earliest unequivocal evidence of a condom dates back to the 16th century, when the Italian anatomist […]